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23 - 25 April 2014 @ The Daniel Libeskind Space Islington

A candid artist's-eye-view of life in the inner cities presented over three evenings. We've asked artists to present work that would best sum-up the age in which we currently live? #UrbanLife

- Wednesday 23 April: SECRETS

What goes on behind closed doors? With more people than ever before living alone, what lurks on the other side of the curtain twitchers' window? With more communication devices, the Internet and new and interesting ways of belonging to 'groups' who has been doing what to whom, how and why?
SECRETS explores Urban Life far from the public gaze. Features amongst other things a live installation inspired by work within the Adult Entertainment industry, films, audio, paintings, sculptures and live performances...

- Thursday 23 April: REAL LIFE

What you see is not always truly representative of what actually is. Is the 'selfie' genuinely a true representation of who we are, or is our narcisistic selves hiding behind a carefully crafted image? At what point does a protest become civil disobedience and then a riot? What is the difference between a street person and a tramp? Who are the invisibles in modern-day society? Is Street Art and graffiti really the voice of the street? What is the truth about what is going on around us and under our noses?

- Friday 23 April: HOME TRUTHS

A no-holds-barred presentation of art and artefacts, saying everything and nothing about the age in which we live. From greed and materialism to the audacity if hoping for salvation from sources unknown. This is everything you ever wanted to say about modern life but couldn't find the platform.

Gee 'Street' Higgins, David Vigor, Leanne Broadbent, Angela Chalmers, David Lusky Luscombe, SKINT, Caroline Truss, Keeley Wynn, Dr Bingo Bongo, Miguel Ivorra, Piluca, Tom Winney, Peter White....

COMIC BOOK: Heroes, Villains & Fantasy

Date Tbc 2014

Guerilla Galleries London explores the world of comic book art and fantasy by bringing together a diverse combination of new, emerging and established artists to bring to life aspects of a world we all grew up in – the imagination.

Heroes, Villains and Fantasy is not about recreating or regurgitating Superman, Spider-Man, Batman or Princess Bubblegum, this is an open, honest and revealing expedition into the minds of artists - good, bad or ugly.

Having thrown down the gauntlet to artists and creatives nationwide and beyond expect creations that are original, scenarios and characters that are unusual from the deepest darkest corners of the mind's eye.

Withf audio, film and video practitioners, photographers and live performance artists all diving in – you won’t be left hanging.

Love, Loathe or Look up to
Date Tbc 2014

What was Leonardo's feelings about his subject when he painted the Mona Lisa? Were those feelings reflected in his depiction? Could you tell? Guerilla Galleries have asked 100 artists to create a portrait each of a subject they either love, loathe or look up to. The gallery will display them all side-by-side, and unsullied by catagorisation leaving the audience to decide and find the honesty within.