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Guerilla Galleries is not a new idea. From Bristol,Los Angeles, Newark, Norwich, Cornwall and Shoreditch the ideal of a 'free and open' platform for new and emerging artists exists. Are we any different? I really hope so, but who knows and who cares. We provide an active platform on which artists (new and old), creatives and ideas-people can showcase their work, innovate and in the process connect with new audiences to promote and market their work. Art, after all, is a social communications tool and something we can all understand and appreciate. We produce thought-provoking shows, events and exhibitions that encourage social discourse – it’s that simple. We agree with the Marshall McLuhan adage:
“Art is anything you can get away with". We say Art is anything you want it to be.

While we at Guerilla Galleries do appreciate work with deep and meaningful social messages, we also love work that is quirky, exciting, challenging and sometimes just plain wrong. We embrace artists who dare to be different. We are used to having people talking about our shows, events and exhibitions and would be disappointed if we couldn’t continue that trend, because if we were not being talked about we’d have failed in our attempts to communicate and bring people together. We aim to continue getting our art into unusual places; on your chest, homes, offices and public spaces. We want you to want that too, and to help us achieve that by any means necessary.

If as McLuhan says,
“the medium is the message", then ours is Art and we’re going to rinse it for all it’s worth and have a load of fun in the process.

Located in the heart of Hoxton, our space allows for street-level viewing of art work day and night 24/7...for the rest you'll have to enter our inner sanctum or find the location of of latest Guerilla art incursion.



Gallery & Creative Director
Directors Assistant | VACANT
Production Director |
Curators Assistant | VACANT
Curators Assistant | VACANT
Director of Creative Futures |

Gallery Administrator | LEROY RICHARDS*
Web & Interaction production | VACANT
Art Sales Consultant | ALEXANDRA KELLY
Art Sales Consultant | IRMA INVERNIZZI *

Marketing & Research | SOLMAZ KENNEDY
Research & Development Intern | VACANT

Gallery Assistant |
Gallery Assistant | LIANA BORTOLOZZO

You can contact any of the Guerilla Galleries team using first name @Guerilla-Galleries.com or *GuerillaGalleriesLondon.com